Color Me Czar

Are you needing a break from screen time? Are your social media friends posting PANIC and filling yourrr head with theirrr anxiety? Does your brother’s neighbor’s mailman know someone in the National Guard? Are they scaring you? Turn it all off and color. That’s right, COLOR! Shelter in place with CZARFACE! The new Czarface coloring pages are fully operational, downloadable, and FREE right here. Team up with Czarface, Ghostface and MF DOOM by printing out these secret files and adding YOUR flavor to them. There’s even a page to draw your OWN Czarface adventure. I’ll be posting some of your family’s finest work as it comes, so tag me in it (@czarface_eso)!

Stay home, stay clean, and we’ll get through this together! 

(Czarface art provided by Lamour Supreme, Mike Del Mundo, Benjamin Marra, and El Ultimo Codice...special thanks to Alfredo Rico -Dimas for the fly arrangements!)



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